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it's people at the heart of a businesses success

That is why ‘people’ will always be central to the solutions we co-create.

Are you feeling fatigued by the recruitment merry-go-round? Maybe you struggle to attract talent into your teams? Perhaps retention is at an all time low?

Stop it from spinning through our expert HR consultancy and solutions.

Together with our world class partners, we have years of experience supporting businesses like yours navigate to lasting solutions.

To date we’ve helped a number of commercial clients, government bodies and charities address issues such as: 

  • Developing sustainable flexible working policies
  • Gender Pay Gaps and redressing the balance 
  • Improving diversity amongst your current workforce and subsequently through future recruitment 
  • Creating more inclusive cultures and therefore solving accessibility issues 
  • Solving the issues digital automation are bringing to the world of work.

A discovery call is all it takes to start your journey. 

In addition, our assessment tools and expertise will allow us to get to the heart of your business challenges. 

Once we’ve explored each challenge in depth, we can identify which of our expert navigators will be of most value to you.  

After which, your personal HR Consultant and navigator will outline all the relevant solutions.

With a solution identified and delivery timetable agreed, our expert team will then navigate and implement ‘mutable’ and sustainable HR solutions, proven to drive success.

This could be via any of the following formats: 

  • Power Hours
  • In-person navigation
  • Workshops or bootcamps 
  • Management sessions

Our expert advice and support is available throughout the entire process of change. This is key to success.

We can also offer additional support mechanisms after implementation phase through retainer packages or ad hoc deliverables.  

Meet the HR consultants + Navigators

We do more than consult… we navigate you and your teams to sustainable solutions


Di Keller

Photo of Di Keller HR Specialist

disability + inclusivity consultant

Graeme Whippy

photo of graeme whippy


Nicola pease

Photo of Nicola Pease, HR specialist

Training, disability + equality consultant

Rick Williams

Rick Williams

Change Specialist

Kris Thorne

photo of Kris Thorne

learning and development hr consultant

Lucy Phillip



Niru Subramanian

employment law specialist

Stephanie Cryer

photo of STEPHANIE CRYER, HR Consultant

Executive Menopause Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

Helen Morris

Learn more about our consultants and the companies we work with to deliver sustainable solutions here.

Why choose The Find Your Flex Group as your HR Consultants? 

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Let’s consider that about a third of our lives are spent at work, that’s around 90,000 hours. Secondly, consider the fact that talented individuals often have a choice of where they work and who they work with. 

Jim Collins, author of ‘Good To Great’ states that to make a good business great you must “Start by getting the right people on the bus…”.

But What if...

…the culture, values and behaviours in your company are stopping the right people getting on the bus?

Our consultants and navigators are here to help you open those proverbial doors!

About The Find Your Flex group

The Find Your Flex Group supports businesses to find internal flexibility through their people, digital and business practices.

Our HR and Business consultants are here to help navigate your teams to solutions where your people and your business thrive in equality.

We can also elevate your message as an employer of choice and help you engage with the talent you seek.