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Find Your Flex are forerunners in bringing the future of work into the present. In this day and age: a post-pandemic world where working people have realised that flexible working should (and can) be the rule and not the exception. It is time to embrace the inevitable changes and grow your business by enabling the flexibility of your resources. This means shifting fixed costs to variables, adapting to changes quickly rather than through slow dogged means and achieving goals through sustainable solutions. All of this equals business growth and this is what we want to help your organisation achieve. Find out which workstyles enable and stunt growth by clicking the button below.

Shared Workforce is a managed service we provide. Our current narrative is that businesses should utilize this service as an alternative to making people redundant.

Shared Workforce

We engage with employers who are looking to cut fixed costs, make redundancies etc. This can be achieved through sharing an in-house team and instead paying only for a required outcome of their service.

The data we would like to capture is; do people even KNOW what Shared-Workforce is? Do they know what it does? And do they know the benefits of Sharing Your Workforce.

We offer an outcome-based Talent Acquisition service to businesses who are looking to fill job vacancies. We offer this service as a cost efficient alternative to in-house recruitment.

The data we want this to campaign to reveal is whether or not people understand the benefits of outsourced Talent Acquisition.

This data will enable future marketing narratives. Whether more awareness around TA services is needed or to capitalize on any existing knowledge businesses have and just need to take that next step!

Outcome-Based working is a work style that is provides ultimate flexible working for staff. It is a way of working we are determined for all businesses to embrace. 

We want to discover just what the current perception of working to Outcomes is. And if businesses are aware of just how valuable and productive this work style is.

We have a business case for Outcome-Based working. The data we capture will enable us to better position this towards businesses who may be unaware of the business benefits of working to Outcomes.

Mutable is a concept, a way of working and a state of business. It is a constant state of transformation and we strongly believe it is the future for all employers.

Part of this campaign is to sow the seeds of awareness about Mutable. We need to capture data on the elements that make a business Mutable.

This campaign will answer an important question: is the world even ready for Mutable. If it isn’t then it will become our mission to get it ready.

Our Aims


The Managed Service of enabling businesses to share a team of employees with another company.

A work style where everything is structured around the outcomes of the employee’s work. Rather than the number of hours worked, where they have been worked etc.

A revolutionary working model/concept which enables businesses to organically grow and adapt to societal change quickly and efficiently by being in a constant state of reinvention.

A Managed Service that is built around companies actively sourcing talented people who will bring value to their organisation.

What are we doing?

We are conducting research designed to capture data on existing views and opinions on certain topics that relate directly to our services and mission.

Why are we running this campaign?

This will allow is to position our services the right way as well as understanding what type of narratives need to be taken when taking actions to achieve our business goals.

Want to know more?

As well as capturing data on the topics above, we also wish to raise awareness on these. If you wish to know more about Talent Acquisition, Shared-Workforce or Mutable, you can take a look at some of our more in-depth articles:


If you want to discuss using one of our managed services, interested in shifting working models or want to know more we will be happy to discuss how we can help your business! 


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About The Find Your Flex group

The Find Your Flex Group supports businesses to find internal flexibility through their people, digital and business practices.

Our HR and Business consultants are here to help navigate your teams to solutions where your people and your business thrive in equality.

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