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unify the disconnect between employers and people by engaging, amplifying + attracting.

As the world of work continues to evolve the disconnect between Employers and their (potential) Employees has never been bigger.

The recruitment model itself must now evolve too; if we’re ever to connect the right people with the right business.

Employer’s traditional expectations of their staff, no longer align with what employees need, in order to live balanced, fulfilling and healthy lives.

The Find Your Flex Groups’ “Industry First” Talent Attraction Platforms can help you engage with fresh, new talent and in a way they would choose to engage with you.

We can help you grow more sustainable and innovative strategies to connect with the right people who can add value to your business.

Our Talent Attraction Platform provides 3 Core routes to engage with talented people, amplify your employer brand and attract talent. 

Here they are in brief, scroll down for more details on each element:


Showcase your brand values to our FYF Community through quality and engaging CONTENT with our premium 12- month partnerships.

Increase awareness of your employer brand, opportunities & campaigns across the FYF network and through our Associate Networks.

Post your current vacancies, searchable by the Find Your Flex audience.

We engage our passionate community with insightful content that should enable you to start honest conversations with the talent you’ve been searching for.

All powered by Find Your Flex’s social media reach and relevancy targeting.

Engage. Amplify. Attract

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Engage with Talented people

Our premium annual partnership package puts quality content at its core. Engage and connect with talent in a variety of ways.

Talent are delivered directly to YOUR career portal.

Price starting from £17,500 for 12 months.

What's included

Your own Employer page within Find Your Flex.co.uk that can house: Your mission statement and Video.

We will work with your communications teams to co-create unique and compelling content.  Perfect for your SEO and attraction maximisation on Google searches. 

A 500 Word Blog: The FYF team talk about your Employer Value Proposition and recommend you as an Employer of Choice

Spotlight 3 of your Employees, who can bring their work to life with a Q&A about their role and the benefits or value they get from being your Employee.

Recorded with our CEO Cheney and a script that can be written by our copywriting team.

Filmed and then seeded across You Tube & our network.

Plus endorsement across The Find Your Flex social media channels

For Further visibility you can pin up to 12 x ‘Opportunities’ to our feature wall throughout the year of partnership. 

Talent are delivered directly to the corresponding job on YOUR career portal.

What you can include…

  • Your company logo
  • Job or opportunity title.
  • Department.
  • Location.
  • Types of Flexibility on offer.
  • Salary (This must be included)
enhance your employer value proposition & engagement with prospective employees
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Amplify your employer brand

We amplify and accelerate awareness of your brand, culture, values and behaviours through unique co-created content that we can deliver alongside your in-house employer comms team.

Working together we build trust within our Find your Flex community that you are an employer of choice.

Price £POA

What's included

Across the Find Your Flex network and our relevant associate networks with social coverage +/- guest blog posts.

All campaigns are targeted for the people that matter to you. Reach 16-21 year olds on campus or at gigs through Rockbox. Or reach them in their classrooms through Your Game Plan. 

"Just had a look at the HMRC ‘page’ on the apprentice hub and just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your work on this, it looks absolutely great!!"
Sally Powers
Recruitment, Marketing and Attraction Manager
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attract applicants

Post up to 20 vacancies per quarter on Find Your Flex for just £750

What's included

Post your vacancies to our Find Your Flex community on FindYourFlex.co.uk

further ways we can simplify your processes

This can be a standalone service used alongside one of our talent attraction packages. Our highly experienced and ethical Response Management Team will assess suitable talent within the market and connect with them to see whether they are open to new opportunities. 

Talk to us today and see how we can simplify the process for you.


Solutions that could reduce fixed costs, allow a greater focus on core business activities and moves your business to becoming mutable. All of which lead to growth and sustainability. That’s growth for your people and your business. 

Talk to us today and see how we can help move your business forward. 


Why use The Find Your Flex Group to promote your employer brand?

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Why is an employer value proposition so important?

This is how you present your company values both internally and externally. To current employees and prospective. 

When was the last time you invested the time to really understand whether your current Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and employer marketing communications are having the desired affect? 

Are your values resonating with your intended target audience? 

Use our simple tool to imagine what your EVP could look like with some help: 

About The Find Your Flex group

Our organisational change services can connect you with experts leading change; our HR partners and business navigators.

We can connect you with diverse talent through our talent attraction platform. The perfect place to showcase your culture, values and flexible opportunities.