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Outcome-Based Working: Flexible, Productive, Cost Effective

All of our services, goals and narratives are based on our certainty that Outcome-Based working is the future of working. That isn’t just a statement we are confident in, the evidence is there. The business case is there. But now that future has become the present.

We are now in a post-pandemic world, one where flexible working is not a benefit but an expectation. A world where technology is advancing so fast that it is threatening careers.

In the same world; businesses are expected to meet the evolutionary demands of society at an extremely fast pace. Finally, a world of financial uncertainty where businesses need to become more cost effective to grow and survive. 

Working to an Outcome-Based Model is the only way of working that addresses all of these.

What is Outcome-Based Working?

Outcome-Based Working is a way of working in which an employer focuses solely on the outcomes of their employee’s work. The where, when, why and how these outcomes are met are of no concern.

So long as the tasks, services etc. are being completed in the desired time, just how individual members of staff get there is up to them. Meaning staff gain full flexibility and businesses maintain the same level of service.

The most Valuable and Productive Work Style

Despite the evidence that flexible working does work, employers are reluctant to make a full shift; which would be to an Outcome-Based Model.

Instead they try to cling on to the old ways of working by conforming to Hybrid and 4-Day week models. But there is no business case for these and why would they want to stick to the old ways when it costs them more?

Find Your Flex has done the research and businesses are throwing away thousands, potentially millions on outdated or unfounded work styles. Why? Because they are not productive. The amount of work being wasted in productivity is what is costing the business.

Outcome-Based Working on the other hand is 100% productive, staff work more days in the year (without compromising time off), it costs businesses less and staff can potentially earn more. Where is the downside?

How Outcome-Based working achieves perfect D&I

Businesses are under societal pressures to achieve perfect D&I with their workforce and they want it done quickly. Gender pay-gaps need to be closed and the workforce needs to be diverse, with an inclusive work culture.

Many transformation programmes have tried and failed to accomplish this swiftly. A shift to Outcome-Based working automatically solves this issue. People are hired and promoted based on nothing but their outcomes. 

Any potential bias is removed, meaning perfect inclusivity is achieved and the workforce will become organically diverse as a result. Everyone is automatically on an even playing field. There is no fairer way of working in that it creates a working culture where equality can thrive.

What is the first step?

We have been saying for a long time that the future of work is Outcome-Based. But the future is now. Businesses need to get on board or risk being left behind.

This does not mean the first step has to be a great big working model shift. It first means a shift to an Outcome-Based mindset. This means looking at utilizing an outcome-based managed service over in-house, see the benefits of that on what it looks like.

The Find Your Flex group provides such services and would be happy to show you exactly how working to Outcomes can benefit a business.

Interested in shifting to Outcome-Based Working? Then feel free to reach out to us anytime if you want us to help implement an Outcome-Based Working model. 


Becoming Mutable: A Permanent State of Transformation

Without meaning to sound dramatic; the world has changed. As such the world of work has changed too. Economic and societal evolution used to happen at a certain pace. That pace has increased now to the point where businesses can no longer keep up. Which is why businesses need to look to the future and the future is Mutable.

What is Mutable?  

Mutable is both a business philosophy and a business operating model. To be Mutable means to be in a permanent state of transformation; to be in constant competition with your own business practices.

Being Mutable is the only way businesses can keep pace with external developments; economic, societal, technological etc. It is the evolutionary step towards business sustainability, in which all other methods used for this in the past century have now become thoroughly obsolete.  

It’s an operating model that puts the people at the core of all strategic decisions. Recognising that it’s the people who make a business what it is.

The Mutable model provides flexibility for people and adaptability for businesses. Businesses can adapt to all external changes with minimum interruption. Allowing all organizations to flourish and grow.  

Why Mutable is the answer to the Transformation Problem

This point is key and all businesses need to take notice; Transformation Programmes don’t work. And haven’t for some time, they are obsolete, a thing of the past and the sooner businesses realise this the sooner they can start overcoming the issue this presents.

Transformation programmes get a business from A to B in a certain area, usually due to societal and cultural change. The problem is by the time the business reaches B through a transformation programme; society has gone from B to G.

The point is; we now live in a society that demands transformation at a far quicker pace than a business can hope to match through transformation programmes. Which is why for a business being Mutable is the only solution.

Being in a never-ending state of transformation means businesses can adapt to all external changes in step with the rest of the world. And organisations can focus on what it is they do best.

The initial steps towards Mutability

The most important step towards becoming Mutable is to shift to an Outcome-Based work model. This is the most adaptable and productive work style out there and focusing on outcomes is what enables businesses to react quickly. 

Another important step is to start viewing your workforce as talent that you need to acquire rather than cogs in a machine. As stated in the beginning; people are at the core of Mutability, so how you view your people is key. 

This starts by tossing out the idea of recruitment; this is a system that is designed to fill vacancies just to keep the wheels turning. Talent Acquisition is designed to bring the most value to your business by actively sourcing talented people. 

Finally; embrace change. This is vital to becoming mutable. CEO’s, Directors and Executives may not be comfortable with big change, but it’s better to get ahead and embrace it. To fight it is futile as society will force the changes anyway.

To be Mutable is to embrace change as it happens. So never again will businesses be hampered by the need to make changes.

Start your Mutable Journey 

Mutable is such a revolutionary concept and the journey is an infinitely rewarding one. It will enable businesses to grow in ways never considered. Remove barriers that may have once seemed impossible to overcome. Furthemore,they will be the trail blazers towards a future in which all other businesses will one day follow out of necessity

Every big journey needs the right guide who will provide all the right tools. The Find Your Flex group is proud to be that guide for every business that is eager to take those initial steps into a high-growth, flexible future. If you’re interested in the Mutable journey and want to learn more, please visit us here.