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Growing Through Outcomes: Services, Working Models & People

Business priorities are constantly shifting; whether it’s to grow, reach diversity and inclusion goals, provide a more flexible working model etc. The future of work is fast approaching and the future is based on Outcomes.

Therefore when it comes to a business’s workforce, working model and required internal services, the approach, strategy and solution to each should be outcome-based. 

But what are the outcome-based avenues available? The Find Your Flex group are proud to provide outcome-based services and solutions that help businesses grow while keeping people at the heart of every solution.   

Outcome-Based Working

Outcome-Based working is at the heart of what we do, as our research has shown that it is the only way both businesses can grow in a cost efficient way while enabling staff to not only work flexibly but potentially earn more than current ways of working.

When looking at outcome-based working we look at two primary avenues: outcome-based working models and outcome-based managed services.

An outcome-based working model is the shift from traditional fixed hourly rate of pay working. To a model where employees are paid based on the outcomes of their work. This way of working enables full flexibility while maximizing productivity. It will also organically result in a fully diverse and inclusive workforce. 

An outcome-based service is where your business outsources an internal service to a company like Find Your Flex. This is an alternative to having an in-house team provide the service as this will put a drain on your businesses resources and finances. 

Outsourcing services means you will be tapping into expertease, experience and resources that would have otherwise been unavailable to your business. Best of all it is more cost efficient and once the outcome has been delivered you no longer pay for the service until it is needed again. 

Both an outcome-based working model and outcome based services help remove fixed costs and working to outcomes enables staff to be fully flexible, working where,when and how they want.

A literal win-win, but to learn more about outcome-based working and what the benefits are click here.


Share-Workforce is a managed service we provide to companies who are in serious need of fixed cost removal. A shared-workforce is a great alternative to redundancies; instead of laying off part of your workforce, your business shares them with us!

We manage the services of your team (and the cost) and sell the service they provide back to you on an outcome basis. The fixed cost is removed, your organisation’s attrition rate remains unchanged and your employer reputation is intact.

There is also a potential for ROI; if we outsource your team’s services to other companies. Returning said team from a fixed cost liability to a revenue generating asset. Either way it is a much better alternative to laying off staff.

If you want to know more about Shared-Workforce and why it is the smart business choice take a look here.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is a managed service we specialise in. In-house recruitment is one of the internal services that drains an organisation’s resources and finances. We provide an outcome-based managed service as the solution to this problem

It is a long and tedious process that HR departments dread. As recruitment campaigns can divert and distract from their day-to-day tasks. Which in and of itself can cause a domino effect with other departments. This results in a severe lack of productivity and even a potential loss of revenue.

Businesses do not often need in-house recruiters. Vacancies pop up and need filling and once they are the service will not be needed again until more vacancies need filling. Why incur such a fixed cost.

Outsourcing Talent Acquisition is the most cost effective way a business can recruit. They are tapping into expertease that knows exactly who to look for and more importantly where to find it. Shortening the lengthy filtering process and filling roles quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in utilizing our TA managed service, find out more here!


Mutable is a philosophy and business framework that Find Your Flex and the Globalution group have developed as the ultimate future of working. One that encompasses all the previous elements discussed above.

At its core, Mutability puts the people of an organisation first. As it is the people that make an organisation what it is. To be Mutable means to be in a constant state of reinvention; this is the only way companies can keep up with the fast paced change and evolution of present day society.

It abolishes the use of costly, obsolete transformation programmes. Embraces and adapts to any and all changes presented whether they be technical, cultural, economical etc. Business will work in a more adaptive, flexible and cost effective way.

There are many different components to the Mutable journey and it is a journey that never ends, which is vital. To be in a constant state of evolution means there is no end of the road. And this mindset is what will prevent businesses from getting bogged down by external forces.

Becoming Mutable is the only answer to all the issues and pressures that businesses face. Which is why businesses need to start down this new path of Mutability and Find Your Flex are here to be your guide.

To delve deeper into the meaning of Mutable and why businesses need to be on board, click here to start your Mutable journey. 

What are the Outcomes?

The outcomes of everything we do is for businesses achieve growth through means that increase their employer reputation. And people have the ability to work completely flexibly and gain the potential to earn more.

Growth and flexibility are enabled for both businesses and people. This is why we do what we do. For more information, visit the HR evolution campaign hub here.


Shared-Workforce: Why Sharing is actually Caring!

European exits, pandemics, now a cost of living crisis! Businesses are being hammered by these as much as anyone.

In these times businesses have had to make tough decisions, no only to keep growing but to survive! And this sometimes means making sacrifices, sacrifices that start with a capital R…

Redundancy… it’s a word dreaded by both employers and employees alike. For staff, it means their lives are turned upside down, for employees it causes irreparable damage to their employer and business reputation.

But in a world where fixed-cost removal means survival; businesses feel like they have no choice. And perhaps they didn’t, but that was before they knew of an alternative. That alternative is Shared-Workforce.

What is Shared-Workforce?

Shared-Workforce is a managed service provided by an external business. The service involves taking a team of employees off the hands of their current employer to remove the fixed cost of employment.

Their contracts don’t change and they will still be employed by their original employer but the cost of their employment will be covered by the Managed Service Provider. The MSP will then sell the service the team provides back to the employer but on an Outcome basis.

Which means the employer only pays for the service for as long as it is needed rather than constantly paying for an in-house team, even when the service is not always required.

When the original employer isn’t in need of that service, the MSP will provide work in the meantime until their service is required again. And so the workforce is being shared!

Why Shared-Workforce is the Best Alternative to Redundancy

The best way for a business to grow and survive in periods of economic uncertainty is to shift their fixed-costs to variables. Unfortunately, one of the most obvious ways to reduce costs in a business is to lay off workers.

But this should always be an absolute last resort for any company. Not only morally and ethically, but there’s no getting round the fact that making people redundant is also extremely bad for business.

Your employer reputation is permanently affected which may make it difficult to gain valuable talent from that point on even when it is needed. But as we have seen recently there can be huge media backlash for making people redundant.

However, Shared-Workforce provides all the business needs of an employer without the pitfalls that come with making people redundant! Another company covers the cost of the team, yet you still have access to the service if/when it is needed.

A fixed cost is shifted to a variable, growth is enabled, business reputation remains intact; workforce is shared.

The potential for ROI

Shared Workforce doesn’t just offer an opportunity to cut fixed-costs without making redundancies. There is also potential for return on investment by the MSP outsourcing your team to other businesses.

Which means not only would your business be turning a fixed-cost into a variable. It turns your team into an asset which could generate further revenue for the business.

Furthermore, your employees will have the opportunity to earn more and increase their individual portfolios by working for multiple businesses. Making it a literal win-win!

If you are interested in sharing your workforce, get in touch with the Find Your Flex group now!