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Talent Acquisition: Why is it the best way to grow your workforce?

The Find Your Flex group are proud providers of a Talent Acquisition Managed Service. But what is Talent Acquisition, how is it different from “recruitment” and why should businesses choose to outsource to a TA service provider like us over conducting in-house recruitment?

By reading this article we hope you will see why Talent Acquisition is the way forward to growing a skilled talented workforce through cost efficient means. And the Find Your Flex Group are happy to be the facilitators of that!

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent Acquisition is a managed service that companies use to build and grow their workforce with new, skilled talent.

A Talent Acquisition Service Provider is not the same as a Recruiter; while both provide a service that adds to a company’s workforce the means and outcomes of these methods are entirely different.

Recruiters focus on filling vacancies, TA Service Providers focus on adding value to your company through providing the most skilled and talented people.

The company informs the TA service provider of the services they need a person to provide. The TA service provider will then use expertease and access to a built-up network of unique talent to source the right person for the job; who will add the most value to your organisation.

Talent Acquisition versus In-House Recruitment and Recruitment Companies

We briefly touched upon the difference between Talent Acquisition and Recruitment. However, it is important for businesses to know the key differences when choosing how to grow their workforce.

So why should your company outsource to a TA Managed Service Provider over recruiting in-house? Simple; it’s more cost effective, it’s quicker; you skip the costly, time wasting recruitment process and your HR department isn’t wasting 85-95% productivity time.

Why Talent Acquisition, why not just go with any Recruitment Company? Again, it is more cost effective; there is no commercial price for recruitment, their rates vary and appear to be baseless.

Furthermore, they seek only to fill vacancies; by casting the net wide and filtering until they find the best of the bunch… (again a long and costly process).

Talent Acquisition means actively going out and finding the right talent that will bring the most value. Not waiting for them to possibly find us by process of elimination; that’s not the right process to find talent.

Acquire Talent and Grow your Business

Having valuable talent is what makes a business. And the only way to truly grow your business is to acquire the best talent out there. The only way to do this is through utilizing a TA service like ours.

You gain access to the best people, you get them quickly and efficiently. By the most cost effective means. You acquire a valuable asset to your company, you don’t just fill a vacancy.

If you want to start growing your team by acquiring valuable talent, get in touch with Find Your Flex. We will use our expertise and vast network to source the best Talent for you!