Who Are The Find Your Flex Group

The Find Your Flex Group have come a long way since our humble beginnings back in 2017. Our ability to effectively work from anywhere, innovate and attract like minded and talented individuals have aided our growth and adaptation to everything that life has presented us with.

We want to share with you our journey and give you a little insight into who The Find Your Flex Group are.

who are the find your flex group and where did we start?

2016 - 2017

the beginning of the find your flex group - mummyjobs.co.uk!

Unable to access the flexible working she needed, our CEO Cheney Hamilton decided take on the world of recruitment and challenge some outdated norms. She wanted to connect employers who had valuable flexible opportunities to offer with talented, underrepresented groups of jobseekers. Thus providing fairer access to careers.

In the beginning there was Mummyjobs.co.uk. From one mummy to many more. Then came the addition of a platform for dads; parents needed access to true flexible working, not just mums. But then came an even bigger realisation that flexible working was about more than access for parents. In fact there are many more unrepresented groups that desire or need flexible working.

Giving people fair access to jobs and careers is a means to financial independence, personal growth, mental wellbeing and so much more for so many people. TRUE Flexible working is the means to achieve this. 

2017 - 2020

challenging Brexit and Covid

Brexit and The Pandemic. Budgets were put on hold. Recruitment was halted. So, where would we find the flexible working opportunities for our job seeking community? Like so many other businesses time were tough. “You’ll be alright” everyone insisted, “you’re all about flexible working and that’s what people want”. They weren’t wrong, that IS what people want afterall, but very few were offering it.

Change was needed and we in turn needed to evolve.

2020 - present

we are 89% mutable

Our team have always taken great pride that our goals were and above all else will be aligned with doing social great. What benefits the individual, will therefore benefit society, businesses and the economy. With that, we decided gather some of the best minds in HR and organisational change. The aim: to connect these change makers to businesses that need our help. To navigate and enable other teams to put their people at the heart of their business.

Firstly we still advertise the best and most flexible opportunities from inclusive employers. Helping employers of choice reach new and talented audiences is what we love to do. But now, we also help our clients become an employer of choice.

About the CEO, Cheney hamilton

Cheney Hamilton is a change maker. She is leading her business to the forefront of developing a better future of work for all.

Her mission began from within her own personal story, one where flexible working took centre stage. She broadened this mission in order to unify employers with people, developing work cultures that drive inclusion, equality, and innovation. Originating as a job board for mums, her plan quickly evolved to meet increasing demand and offer flexible working opportunities to everyone. Furthermore, the now talent attraction platform has grown to offer a navigation service for HR teams and businesses. Equipping business to strengthen the relationship between employers and people from within.

Cheney regularly speaks at Career and Future of Work events and has received several awards for culture, entrepreneurship, championing women and community making.

the Find Your Flex Group MISSION

To unify employers with people, creating work cultures that drive inclusion, equality, and innovation.

The Find Your Flex Group ambition

A future of work where people thrive in equality

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About The Find Your Flex group

The Find Your Flex Group supports businesses to find internal flexibility through their people, digital and business practices.

Our HR and Business consultants are here to help navigate your teams to solutions where your people and your business thrive in equality.

We can also elevate your message as an employer of choice and help you engage with the talent you seek.